Event Information 2017

Course in brief:

The course is a clockwise 1.25km with a variety of open road and tight narrow sections including pedestrian zones. The race starts and finishes in Beverley town centre in Saturday Market place and heads North, turning into Sow Hill. The race then takes a right turn into Old Walkergate and onto Wednesday Market turning right into Lord Roberts rd, Right into Cross street and onto pedestrian zone, bearing left along Toll Gavel, continue straight on into Saturday Market to complete 1 lap.

The surface is varied: some sections of granite cobbles, some sandstone block paving and some tarmac.

The road will be subject to total road closure with an 80% coverage of crowd barriers. Riders however are still responsible for their safety and should ride accordingly, remaining alert to all potential hazards especially crossing points and un-barriered stretches of the circuit.

Support race continue for 40 mins.

Womens race continue for 40 mins.

Elite Race continue for 60 mins

Lapped riders will be withdrawn from the race.

Service and Laps Out

The pit area will along the finishing straight Right Hand Side.

Laps out for the support race will be under strict control of the Race Commissaires.

There will be NO Laps out for the Elite race.

First Aid

A station will be set up for riders and spectators, on the circuit at the entrance to Saturday Market in Old Waste – Opposite the Band Stand.

Photo Finish

Photo Finish equipment will be used at the race finishes.

For the Criterium the camera will be on the right hand side of the road therefore arm numbers to be worn on the right shoulder - rear.

Frame numbers and back numbers will also be issued to assist with the judging. Numbers must not be folded or obscured.

Important Safety Notice: Emergency Vehicles.

Riders please note that the event is on a closed circuit – an emergency situation may arise in the locality. In this instance we may have to allow emergency vehicles access to the circuit with little or no warning.

The Race Commissaire will give information on how the race will be stopped and restarted during his pre race brief.