Rider Information

Race Headquarters

HQ at Longcroft Upper School – Molescroft.

Situated down Burton rd, which is off New Walk, (Road Race finishing straight).

PLEASE NOTE – In an attempt to continually improve our promotions we are utilising the Market place to allow the ‘larger teams’ to set up camp in a ‘Team Village. This will be for race team cars only and not general parking as space is limited.

Access will be controlled. For spaces please liaise with Race Co - Director Martin Cockerill: (MartinC@abgint.com)

All riders should still park at the school and ride down to the Start.

Signing on for all Friday evening events will be in the Market Place and NOT at the changing rooms!

Please remember to bring your license down with you.

The ‘HQ’ will be available for those wishing to park and shower etc.

Due to signing on in the Market place and short duration of the events we are not providing a tea and cakes stall at HQ on the Friday evening.

Toilet Facilities

We will have two Portaloo’s on site in the Market place, one in the team village area and one adjacent to signing on office.

And Public conveniences will be open in Dyer Lane (cut through between Saturday Market and the back straight) and also in Lord Roberts Rd on the circuit -(exiting Wednesday Market on the LHS of the road).

Please do not be tempted to use alleyways – the Police will arrest any rider found doing this, and we will disqualify them from the race and report them to BC.

Access to Saturday Market

Will be via Ladygate.

Right out of HQ, straight through the Beverley Bar to the Church, left into one way system and immediately Right into Ladygate. Team Cars should wait at the end of Ladygate, crossing the circuit will be under strict control of race Marshals. Access will be closed at 19.30 and any team car not in the centre of the circuit by then will be denied access. Please do not be tempted to park illegally anywhere. The Police have asked that I include a note on this due to some ‘inappropriate parking’ last year.

Race Pits

Will be as per 2011 event on the finish straight Right Hand Side.

Please note there will be no Neutral service in the pits.

HQ Parking

Please follow the directions of the parking signs and marshals.

Race officials to park behind the sports complex.

Riders in the car park on the left when approaching the sports hall – Beware low headroom.

Medical Control

Facilities for anti-doping control will be in place at the HQ.

Riders required to attend will be informed by the Chief Commissaire.