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Circuit Race Route


Circuit map

Start: In Saturday Market adjacent to the alley between no's 58 and 59 (Briggs and Powell, and Edinburgh Woollen Mill)

Head north to traffic island and bear right into Sow Hill. At the end of Sow Hill turn right into Old Walkergate.

Proceed along Old Walkergate to join Butcher Row and Toll Gavel, heading towards Wednesday Market (Pedestrian Crossing point, marshal controlled)

Into Wednesday Market (Pedestrian Crossing point, marshal controlled)

Exiting Wednesday Market right onto Lord Roberts Road follow the road around to right bend onto mini roundabout.

Straight on at mini roundabout into Cross street (Pedestrian Crossing point, marshal controlled), up onto the paved section and into Toll Gavel bearing left at the junction.

Continue along Toll Gavel (Pedestrian Crossing point, marshal controlled), towards Saturday Market.

Exit Toll Gavel into Saturday Market (Pedestrian Crossing point, marshal controlled)

Head north in Saturday Market for approx 100mts to Start / Finish line to complete one lap.

Race to continue for 60 minutes.

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