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The British Cycling Elite Men’s Series Circuit Race 2013

Held under the technical regulations of British Cycling

Sign on and Race Start Details

Please – Be prompt for signing on and listen carefully to the commissaires briefing for instructions on lapped riders, laps out, emergency services access to the course and any resulting race restart.

1. Signing on as mentioned above will take place in the Market Place Riders should be signed on at the latest 19.00.

2. Chief Commissaires meeting with team managers - Will be held at the Site office where riders sign on at 19.25.

3. Team cars to be in Saturday Mkt before 19.30.

4. Riders making their own way to the circuit (1km away), right out of HQ, through the traffic lights (Beverley Bar), left at the Church and first right into Ladygate.

5. Riders access to the circuit at the end of Ladygate will be under control of race marshals at 19.20 to begin warm up

6. 19.40 Riders to line up outside Burtons - 50mts back from start line for Commissaires briefing.

7. 19:45 Riders will assemble on the start line, for introductions.

8. 19:50 The race will be started by the Chairman of East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

9. There will be a lead motorcycle for the duration of the event.

10. Lapped riders will be withdrawn from the race.

Race Primes – Every 5th lap.

Riders access onto the circuit.

Support races are being held prior to the main event. Riders will not be allowed access onto the circuit whilst other events are ongoing.

Access for the main event is at 19.20 for a 20 min warm up, before lining up at 19.40 for Commissaires’ briefing. Any rider found on the course whilst other events are on-going will be disqualified.

Riders are not to ride around the circuit the wrong way (anti clockwise).

Under No circumstances are riders to ride on pavements.

Total Prize Fund for the Elite Circuit Race is £3700

For breakdown see Race Programme or Website.

All Prizes will be at the discretion of the judges.

Prize fund

1st £750
2nd £500
3rd £350
4th £275
5th £250
6th £225
7th £200
8th £150
9th £130
10th £100
11th £90
12th £85
13th £75
14th £65
15th £55
16th £40
17th £40
18th £40
19th £40
20th £40
8 x primes at £25 £200
Total £3700

Rider List

No. Name Club / Team Name Category
1 Jacob Tipper Biketreks Racing Academy Elite
2 Tristan Robbins Cardiff JIF 1st
3 Matthew Hammond Dulwich Paragon CC 2nd
4 Finlay Young Equipe Velo Ecosse/Montpeliers 2nd
5 Martin Ford Herbalife-Leisure Lakes Elite
6 Andrew Hawdon Herbalife-Leisure Lakes Elite
7 Alastair Kay Herbalife-Leisure Lakes 1st
8 James Sampson Herbalife-Leisure Lakes Elite
9 Harry Tanfield Herbalife-Leisure Lakes Elite
10 Dale Appleby Metaltek - Knights of Old Racing Team Elite
11 Will Fox Metaltek - Knights of Old Racing Team 1st
12 Kit Gilham Metaltek - Knights of Old Racing Team Elite
13 Gruffudd Lewis Metaltek - Knights of Old Racing Team 2nd
14 Rhys Lloyd Metaltek - Knights of Old Racing Team 1st
15 David McGowan Metaltek - Knights of Old Racing Team 1st
16 Tom Murray Metaltek - Knights of Old Racing Team 1st
17 Steven Burke Node4 - Giordana Racing Elite
18 Richard Hepworth Node4 - Giordana Racing Elite
19 Steve Lampier Node4 - Giordana Racing Elite
20 Mike Northey Node4 - Giordana Racing Elite
21 Aaron Buggle Rapha Condor JLT Elite
22 Edward Clancy MBE Rapha Condor JLT Elite
23 Michael Cuming Rapha Condor JLT Elite
24 Felix English Rapha Condor JLT Elite
25 Luke Grivell-Mellor Rapha Condor JLT 1st
26 Richard Handley Rapha Condor JLT Elite
27 Kristian House Rapha Condor JLT Elite
28 James McCallum Rapha Condor JLT Elite
29 Dominic Smith Retford & District Wheelers 2nd
30 Matthew Gee Team Corley Cycles 1st
31 Jonathan Shuster Team Corley Cycles 1st
32 Simon Wilson Team Corley Cycles Elite
33 Michael Smith Team Corley Cycles/Blue 1st
34 Christopher Gatt Team Hope Factory Racing 2nd
35 Ben Greenwood Team Hope Factory Racing Elite
36 James Gullen Team Hope Factory Racing Elite
37 Jordan Hargreaves Team Hope Factory Racing 2nd
38 Benjamin Kellett Team Hope Factory Racing 1st
39 Michael Knight Team Hope Factory Racing 3rd
40 James Sharp Team Hope Factory Racing 2nd
41 Matthew Williams Team Hope Factory Racing 1st
42 Alexandre Blain Team Raleigh Elite
43 Graham Briggs Team Raleigh Elite
44 Russell Hampton Team Raleigh Elite
45 Thomas Moses Team Raleigh Elite
46 Lachlan Norris Team Raleigh 1st
47 Evan Oliphant Team Raleigh Elite
48 Thomas Scully Team Raleigh Elite
49 Sam Boast Team Sportscover 1st
50 Richard Meadows Team Sportscover Elite
51 Jacob Scott Team Sportscover 1st
52 Jake Womersley Team Sportscover 2nd
53 Niklas Gustavsson Team UK Youth
54 Chris Opie Team UK Youth Elite
55 Yanto Barker Team UK Youth (UCI Team) Elite
56 Marcin Bialoblocki Team UK Youth (UCI Team) Elite
57 Joshua Hunt Team UK Youth (UCI Team) 1st
58 Greg Mansell Team UK Youth (UCI Team) 2nd
59 Robert Partridge Team UK Youth (UCI Team) Elite
60 Ian Wilkinson Team UK Youth (UCI Team) Elite
61 George Atkins Team USN Elite
62 Daniel Smith TS Racing Team-Vankru Elite
63 Alex Orrell-Turner VS Cycles - Brighouse 2nd
64 Tom Barras Wheelbase Altura MGD Elite
65 Alex Bottomley Wheelbase Altura MGD 2nd
66 Andrew Coupe Wheelbase Altura MGD 1st
67 Adam Duggleby Wheelbase Altura MGD Elite
68 Lewis Craven 2nd
69 Stuart Reid 1st
70 David Shackleton Wilsons Wheels Race Team 1st
71 Nathan Wilson Wilsons Wheels Race Team 2nd
72 Hugo Robinson XRT - Elmy Cycles 2nd

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